How To Train Around An Injury

For most athletes or really anyone who has spent any time in the gym pain an injuries are an inevitability. It can come on because you didn't warm up enough that day, you didn't get enough sleep the night before, you're stressed about something at home or at work, or you pushed yourself a little harder than you planned to. Pain from training and injuries aren't something anyone every plans on, but we have all been there before.

So, tell me if this sounds familiar. You had a particularly tough day in the gym, you go home that night and you start to feel some pain when you are trying to wash your hair, or you bent over to untie your shoes and felt your back tweak a bit. You brush it off and say "Eh, I am sure it will be fine in the morning". The pain is still there a week later and you decide that you need to go see a doctor. You go into the doctor's office and he or she looks like she has never seen the inside of a gym and doesn't know the difference between a barbell clean and spring cleaning. You tell them about what you're feeling and they say "Ok, stay out of the gym for 6 weeks and take these pills".