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Meet the Team: Meet the Team


Performance Physical Therapist

I Am A Physical Therapist In Cedar Grove, NJ Who Helps ACTIVE ADULTS Avoid Having To Take Painkillers, Get Injections, Or


We Specialize In Treating The Unique Needs Of Active Adults Who Want To Continue Working Out At Their Local Gym With Friends, Go For Walks or Runs With Their Family, Take Their Dog On A Hike, Continue To Play Sports Late Into Life, or Continue Training In Their CrossFit Box. 

Pain and injuries can often be looked at as a negative thing that is holding people back. We like to look at them as opportunities to turn a weakness into a strength. We are a place where people come when they feel broken, but leave feeling resilient, strong, and unbreakable. 

Pain might make you feel like you are going to lose your independence, lose your mobility, or lose your ability to stay healthy, but it doesn't have to be that way. 

Who We Help

  • We routinely have patients in their early 40's who have been struggling with back pain for 10 years and are trying to get back in the gym.

  • Those who have had shoulder pain since they stopped playing baseball or softball.

  • CrossFit athletes who were going for a PR, but pushed a little too hard.

  • New moms who are dealing with back pain and trying to get back to their old exercise routine.

  • Anyone who feels stiff and wants to improve their flexibility.

  • Athletes who are healthy and want to stay healthy with a maintenance and recovery program. 

Why Did We Get Started?

I have worked in almost every setting you can think of. I have been in the hospital trying to get people out of bed. I have worked with high school athletes recovering from ACL tears. I have worked with collegiate football players preparing for the NFL draft. I have even been in Major League Baseball clubhouses helping professional athletes maintain their health. 


My favorite patients were always people like me. Active adults who make long term health goals and plans so they can continue to do the things they love day in and day out. Like you, exercise is my stress release and if I cannot do it I go nuts.

I started Mindful Movement Performance Physical Therapy because too often at in-network clinics the therapist was forced to see 4, 5, or even 6 patients at the same time. The therapist would get frustrated, and the patient would almost always have a bad outcome because they couldn't get the attention of their therapist. This lead to people staying out of the gym longer, having set backs in their long term health, and losing out on time with their family and friends doing the things they love. 

Our mission is to put barbells and kettlebells in our patients hands so that they can build up strong, resilient, and capable bodies so that they can participate in any activity that they love without any fear of pain.  We help our patients get back on track with a program that takes their pain away and empowers them to get strong and fit at the gym and in life. 

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