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Performance Physical Therapy

This is not your Grandma's Physical Therapy. At Mindful Movement Performance Physical Therapy we work with adult athletes who want to stay in the gym and stay in the game. We treat our patients like athletes and work with them to achieve their goals. It is not uncommon for someone to come in with debilitating knee pain or back pain on day one and by the end of their time with us having them back squat, deadlift, or doing hand stand push ups. We firmly believe that rehab is training, and your physical therapy needs to match the style and intensity of your training habits and training goals. These one hour sessions are laser focused on your impairments and your goals, and you'll leave feeling accomplished and excited for your next appointment. In addition to your in person sessions you will have "homework" videos to do between sessions so you can keep the progress going.

Trainning with Kettlebells
Leg Injury

Recovery Sessions

Physical Therapy is not just for people who are in pain. Truth be told, we like to work with people who feel good so we can help them stay that way. Our recovery sessions allow you the opportunity to get hands on manual therapy like scraping, cupping, and taping so that you can stay feeling your best. These 30 minute sessions are great for people who have ramped up their training and are feeling sore, or are feeling stiff and want some help "opening up" their body. This is the time for you take care of some of those nasty trigger points and get the hands-on soft tissue work that you need. We can focus on a single body part or we can make sure your entire body feels fresh and new by the time you leave.


30 Days To A Health Body

We realize that not everyone has the time to get to their physical therapist, but that is not a reason for you to suffer with pain day in and day out. Your life isn't going to wait until there is a convenient time, so we developed this digital consultation service. Your program starts out with a virtual consultation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy so that there is a clear understanding of your issues, your limitations, and more importantly your goals. Following your consultation your physical therapist will put together a custom program based on your needs (we absolutely despise the "cookie-cutter" programs your friends might be doing). This self-paced 30 day program will start easy and ramp up with new exercises every week that will help you progress towards your goals. The best part is you will have constant access to your physical therapist via Email, text, and phone. 

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