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Long Snapper, Chicago Bears

"Throughout my 6 year NFL career I have had multiple injuries and as a result I have been treated by many physical therapists. Charles is by far one of the best I’ve ever worked with. His overall attention to detail and knowledge of the body is impressive. He helped me recover from a torn ACL in a safe and effective manner. As a patient it was important to me that my therapist had my best interests in mind and that’s exactly what Charles did. He knows when and how to work a client hard but more importantly, he knew when to pull back, yet still progress and use effective treatments. I would highly recommend using Charles for any physical therapy needs."



Former Patient, Active Adult

"Before finding Charles I was in a state of constant pain.  I had been dealing with hip pain for a little over a year and it was really taking a toll. It really debilitated my fitness, sleep, motivation, and confidence. I was in and out of the doctor’s pcp, ortho doc who actually recommended surgery or reduce physical activity, and  several physical therapists, but none could provide relief. When I found Charles, I was at my lowest, based on previous experiences but also hopeful given a recommendation from a close friend who had great results. My biggest goal of course, pain relief, but running and squatting as well. Within weeks of my first visit, I had finally found relief! Charles created a great trust by demonstrating not only his ability to diagnose my pain but also address issues surrounding what was creating my symptoms. Now I’m running, squatting and pain free while exceeding all my physical goals that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to achieve."


Professional Baseball Pitcher, Schaumburg Boomers

"I spent 6 months with Charles rehabbing from Tommy John surgery. He went above and beyond helping me get back to pitching in game action. Not only did he kick my butt during our sessions together, but he also put together workout plans for me to use at the gym when I wasn’t with him. I always felt that he truly cared about me getting back to full health and getting back to competition and being better than I was before my injury. I would recommend Charles to anyone who is looking to become the best version of themselves."



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