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If You're Reading This You Want To Know WHY Your Knees Hurt


It's A Good Thing You Want To Know

.......In Fact, This Is The Most Frequent Question I get Asked


Most People Want To Know What Their Diagnosis Is.....

Better Put They Want To Know How Badly Their Knees Are Damaged

.......The Next Thing People Ask Is "

How Long Until I Feel Better?"

The Good News Is......

There Are a Few Ways To Look At It

Most People Think About

👎 What Their "Injury" is

👎 What Tissue Is Damaged

👎 What Medication They Will Have To Take

👎 How Much Pain They Are In

👎 If They Are Going To need Surgery

👎 How Much They Dread Having To Go To The Doctor

Are You Afraid That Your Knees Are Permanently Damaged?

You Are Not Alone

Knee pain can feel life a life sentence, and if you are dealing with knee pain day in and day out it probably feels like it doesn't matter what you're always going to feel pain.

You might not be able to go up and down the stairs because the pain gets so bad. Even worse, you might hear that infamous "bubble wrap" sound in your knee every time you bend it past a certain point.

If you are anything like the patients we treat here at Mindful Movement Performance Physical Therapy than you are deathly afraid of getting back into the gym because you don't want to do any more damage to your knees.

Does This Sound Like You?

If it does, I want to introduce you to the other way of looking at knee pain.........

👍 Your Diagnosis Does Not Define The Rest Of Your life

👍 Knee Pain DOES NOT Equal Tissue Damage

👍 Movement Is Medicine, And The Right "Prescription" WILL Help You Feel Better

👍 Getting On The Right Plan Can Help You Move Better AND Feel Better

👍 You Can Avoid Unnecessary Surgery If You Work With The Right Physical Therapist

👍 You Can Build Confidence In Yourself And Your Knees So You Can Prevent Knee Pain In The Future

Do I Have Your Attention?

If You're Still Reading You're Probably Asking Yourself....
"What Can The Physical Therapists At Mindful Movement Performance Physical Therapy Do That No One Else Has Been Able To?"

This Is My Favorite Question....

Because I would love for you to find out, and I would love to show you


why would you take my word for it?

Instead, I want you to meet Laura and hear her story.

Still Not Convinced?

Honestly, I don't blame you. I would probably be pretty skeptical too.

After all, I made some pretty bold claims higher up on this page.

If that is the case I want to offer you up some of my time and set up a phone call so you can ask all of your questions to make sure I'm not full of it!

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