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Virtual Physical Therapy

"The Safest Way To Take Care Of Your Aches And Pains Even If You Are Stuck at Home and Have No Gym Equipment"

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Who Is This Service For?

  • Anyone who is afraid to go to a physical clinic because of COVID-19

  • Anyone who recently had surgery, but cannot get to their physical therapist

  • Anyone who is limited in their daily life by the pain that they have

  • Anyone who is limited in their ability to exercise at home

  • Anyone who has limited time to get to a physical therapist

  • Anyone who wants to feel better than they do right now

  • Anyone who wants to get back to their active lifestyle quickly

We are in a very troubling time in our history. Everyone is afraid of going outside, and even more afraid of getting too close to one another. Social distancing is our best option to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and this is something that we take very seriously here at Mindful Movement Performance Physical Therapy, and one reason why we are making our telehealth physical therapy option more widely available.

The bad news is that what people normally think of as traditional hands on physical therapy is no longer a safe option, and even though the world feels like it is on fire, your knee pain or your back pain will not magically go away. 

The truth is, your pain is probably going to get worse over the next several weeks while you spend more time at home. Motivation to go to the gym is at an all time low, and access to the gym is even more scarce. As a healthcare provider, I know that a sedentary lifestyle can wreak havoc on your heart and lungs, and can put you at greater risk for disease.You should also know that staying sedentary is the worst thing that you can do for muscle and joint pain. 

The Good News Is Virtual Physical Therapy Has Been Getting Our Patients Incredible Results

Right now, the biggest complaints that we are hearing are about individual work set ups while they are at home. Sitting on a wooden dining room table for a 9 hour day instead of using a desk. People are setting themselves up on a table, at the kitchen counter, or even worse, some people don't have access to that and are spending hours at a time scrunched up on the couch while they glare at their computer.

Does This Sound Like You?

Do you feel like every time you go to stand up from the couch it takes 10 steps before you can stand up straight and walk normal? Are you getting knee pain from your at home work out? Do you feel like your neck or shoulders are starting to feel sore or achy from a poor work set up at home? Are you starting to get the feeling that no matter what you do, the next several weeks or even months are going to have you in a tremendous amount of pain?

If this sounds familiar, you do not have to wait until we are allowed to go back outside before you address these issues. Right now, as you sit at home, you have a lot of time on your hands. Wouldn't it be great if you use this time to make yourself feel better, and use your session as a way to escape from this crazy reality while charging towards your physical goals?

How great would you feel if by the time the "stay at home" orders are lifted you could go on that hike, go for that bike ride, or hit the gym hard instead of first trying to get in to see a physical therapist? You don't have to wait until self-isolation is over.

Are You Looking For a Solution?

If You've Gotten This Far, You Are Probably Already Saying To Yourself

"what is Virtual Physical Therapy?"

 "Is this the same as telehealth?

 "Is this something that can help me?

The short answer is that Virtual Physical Therapy is Physical Therapy. You may hear it referred to as telehealth, teletherapy, or an E-visit. The priority is to identify why you are having symptoms and how we can help you achieve your goal in the quickest way possible. We want to identify what your goals are, and make sure that you have the tools and strategies to reach those goals. You will still be empowered to alleviate your symptoms, and start to feel better quicker than you could have imagined. 

The only difference is that instead of a face to face session, the telehealth physical therapy session is conducted through a digital video chat. You can use your computer, your tablet, or even your phone to communicate with your Physical Therapist. 

It is SO EASY. We just send you a link, you CLICK IT, and we are off and running. 

To answer your second question. Yes, Virtual Physical Therapy CAN help you. 

This is currently the only option that can keep you and your family safe while you manage and conquer the pain that you have been feeling.

5 Reasons Virtual Physical Therapy is a Great Option 

Even If You Don’t Have Any Gym Equipment At Home.



1.You Take The Power Back

One thing that I always share with patients is that passive treatments will yield passive results, and active treatments will yield active results. What exactly does this mean? Well, if your back is feeling sore and you go to get a massage you will feel great for a few hours – maybe even a few days, but inevitably the soreness or pain will come back. That is because the massage is something that is done to you passively. You had no real part in the treatment.

When you go through a Virtual Physical Therapy session it is clear that no manual therapy can be provided. This is a good thing for you as the patient because you will then learn how to take care of yourself. When you are the one going through the exercises, feeling your body move, and changing your response to pain you take the power back over your body.

Feeling empowered is one of the most powerful things you can do if you are in pain. Knowing that pain is temporary, and that you have the tools and knowledge on how to address it makes a huge difference in your mindset regarding recovery.

2.It Is Very Convenient

Imagine this, you woke up at 6 AM because you had to get ready for work. You left the house at 7 AM so you could be ready to work by 8 AM. You go through your day and you leave work at 5 PM. You sit through traffic and get home at 6 PM. You’ve been out of the house for 11 hours, and you now need to get changed, get back in the car and drive to a physical therapy clinic, sit there for an hour while you get treated, then drive back home. It is now at least 8 PM and you haven’t even had dinner yet.

How great would it be if when you got home at 6 and signed on to see your physical therapist at 6:15? You would be done with your session, and feeling great before you could even get to your brick and mortar physical therapy clinic. Going even further, you wouldn’t have to get back in the car to drive home; you would already be there ready to take care of what you needed for the rest of the night.

3.It Is Private


Your pain is a very intimate topic. It can affect you and your entire lifestyle. It can keep you out of the gym, it can keep you from taking the stairs, and it can make you feel depressed. These are all really important things that you need to communicate with your physical therapist so that a truly unique and individualized plan can be made for you. However, most physical therapy gyms are wide open spaces without much privacy for these conversations. It can feel really embarrassing to talk about these sensitive issues when there are six other people within earshot.

When you are in your Virtual Physical Therapy session you will feel as comfortable as you would talking to someone in your living room. Because that’s exactly where you would be. Your therapist will be in a private room just like you, and your conversation will be able to get to the core of what you need out of your sessions.

4.You Can Do It From Anywhere


Let’s say that you have a long weekend trip planned, and you’re headed down to the shore. You normally have a Friday afternoon appointment with your physical therapist, but you want to leave Thursday night so you beat the beach traffic. If you were getting treatment at a physical location, you would have to cancel your appointment, and risk being in pain all weekend.

If you are getting treated via Virtual Physical Therapy all you need to do is make sure that you bring your laptop, tablet, or smart phone with you and you can get treated right where you are. You don’t have to worry about rescheduling, missing a week, or anything else that can add to the stress of a vacation. Instead you can relax, be pain free, and continue through the trip with a huge smile on your face.

5.The Equipment Comes To You

The biggest issue that people bring up when discussing Virtual Physical Therapy is that they do not have any gym equipment at home. We understand that, and although a large majority of what you do during the initial Virtual Physical Therapy sessions will be body weight exercise, we also know that it is important to have some equipment to make your exercises easier or harder.

At Mindful Movement Performance Physical Therapy we took this concern seriously and decided to provide a solution. When you book your initial Virtual Physical Therapy Evaluation your physical therapist will send you a “care package” with all of the equipment that you will need to be successful throughout your plan of care.

Your “care package” will be specific to you, and what you are dealing with. At Mindful Movement Performance Physical Therapy we have treated every different body part, and we know what you will need in order to be successful. We decided to take the guess work out for you, and put the tools in your hands right from the get-go.

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