How To Prevent Back Pain After Hours On The Couch

So here we are, nearly 2 weeks into our quarantine or self isolation. If you're reading this hopefully you are still feeling health, and maybe starting to get a little restless (I for sure am). One of the reasons I keep getting so restless is because I live in a small apartment and there isn't much room to move around. So I keep finding myself sitting on the couch.

Don't get me wrong, the couch is comfortable, but I am really a get up and go kind of person and all of this time just hanging out is getting me nervous.

I have a history of low back pain, but I know that it always feels better when I can get a lot of exercise and stay strong. I also know that my back flares up when I get lazy and sedentary. I don't think I am so special that I am the only one who goes through the same thing. In fact, as a physical therapist I hear the same sentence over and over and over and over day in and day out while I work with patients.