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"How Can I Still Get Physical Therapy"

I know, I know, you are absolutely sick of hearing the words "COVID-19" and "Coronavirus". You're sitting there thinking "If one more person says IT I'm going to scream".

Well, here is something else to think about; more time spent at home means more time spent on the couch and we know that more time spent being sedentary will only make muscle and joint pain worse.

So in this crazy time you might be thinking "I guess I'll just have to deal with this pain until the current situation blows over." or "How in the world can I still get physical therapy?" .

Please let me answer those questions.

First, you absolutely DO NOT need to wait until the quarantines are over to address your pain. There are so many strategies that you can use in order to start feeling better. Regardless if it is your neck, your back, your knees, or your shoulders that are bothering you.

Second, Virtual Physical Therapy has been around for a long time now and offers incredible success with decreasing pain, improving how people move, and empowering them to take control of their symptoms and situation. We all feel like we are lacking some control right now, don't fall into the trap thinking this is how it has to be in every facet of your life.

The next thing you might be wondering is "What is virtual physical therapy?".

That is very simple to answer. It is physical therapy, but instead of being face to face physically you are face to face with your physical therapist via webcam. Just like in a normal session your physical therapist will evaluate you, coach you through your exercises and movements, and help you move towards your goals. The benefit is that it is incredibly convenient. Anywhere you have your phone or laptop (and a wifi signal) you can get PT. If you want to be in your living room, no problem. Prefer to be in your backyard on a beautiful day, you're there. The real kicker? It is the exact same price. Right now it is the safest option in terms of "flattening the curve", but it is also the most convenient option. Hell, you could even do it in your pajamas.

Here is the hard truth, sitting at home and resting is not going to make your body feel better. In fact, this is probably the worst thing you can do if you have any muscle or joint pain. You need guided, specific movement so that you can take the power over your body back. Access to toilet paper and to eggs may be super scarce right now, but access to your physical therapist has never been easier.

Click HERE to learn more about our Virtual Physical Therapy Program, and click HERE if you want to set up a FREE phone consult with a physical therapist today.


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