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We use a holistic approach to help High Performing Adult Athletes stay in the game and in the gym, without missing workouts so they can continue to train and compete late into their life.



You will be brought through a movement screen and thorough evaluation that will identify the causes of your pain.


Your therapist will go over your exam findings and discuss with you any dysfunctions or impairments that were discovered through the evaluation. You will then discuss how those impairments will be addressed through your treatment. 


Immediately following your Assessment and education your therapist will bring you through a series of exercises that will provide you relief that same day.

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Not sure how we can help? Have questions you would like answered first? Charles would be happy to talk to you first so he can be 100% sure he can help you! 

Want more information about availability & cost before booking an appointment? Fill out this simple form and we'll be happy to talk to you and determine whether we're the best place to help you (or not).

Unsure about physical therapy and what it could do for your  problem? You're not alone. Fill out this simple form and we'll set up a time to chat in person...for free :)

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