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Are You Constantly Dealing With Back Pain But Can't Find The Time To Get Help?

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Does This Sound Like You?

You have a super busy life. You are constantly running around trying to get your kids to and from sports practices and games, trying to keep your house in order, and have the responsibilities of a full time job? You hardly have time to eat and exercise let alone get 3 hours a week to go out to physical therapy.

On top of all of the responsibilities that you have to deal with and the stress of life you also have chronic back pain that loves to rear its nasty little head at the worst possible time. This happens once a year, once a month, or even worse once a week.......and it stops you in your tracks.

You're laid up in bed and all you can think about are the things that you need to be getting done.....BUT instead you're stuck on the couch unable to do anything.


Let Me Ask You Something

If there were something that you could do that fits your schedule and your budget to keep your back pain from coming back.......would you do it?

If you could get an individualized plan from a physical therapist who helps busy people who live an active lifestyle with back pain every day.......would it bring value to your life?

If you could do this program with little to no equipment from your own home and have fast, sustainable, and repeatable results that keep you from getting knocked off your routine........would you start immediately?

Did You Answer Yes?

If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above I have the perfect solution for you.

You are not alone....we have been hearing people talk about how they wish they had enough time to take care of themselves for years.

That is why we developed our 30 Days To Back Health Program.


But What Is It?

Do You Want To Know More About It?

Our 30 Days To Back Health Program is a completely digital can do it right in your own home in your pajamas.

It starts out with a zoom style assessment where you and your physical therapist can chat about what your back pain is keeping you from doing, how it is limiting your life, and what your goals are.

From there you will be brought through a movement examination to determine what the cause of your pain is.

Once your assessment is completed your physical therapist will go over the findings and discuss the next steps.

Finally, your physical therapist will put together a personalized 30 day plan to help you over come your back pain FAST.

So How Will You Know What To Do?

Here is the real beauty of the 30 Days To Back Health Program.

The entire program is laid out for you online.


This Includes:


👍 videos of each exercise being demonstrated

👍 A description of each exercise

👍 How Often to do each exercise (how many days a week, how many reps and sets)

👍 Weekly progressions to keep you moving towards your goals

But Here Is The Real Cherry On Top

👍 You will have total access to your physical therapist via Email, Text,

and Phone Call if you have any questions as you go through your 30 day program

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